• To provide an opportunity for students to acquire an undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences with emphasis in public health nutrition or clinical dietetics.
      • To develop professional abilities among students wishing to pursue careers in food and nutrition from both clinical dietetics and public health perspective.
      • To train and develop skills required to understand and solve community based food & nutrition health problems.
      • To provide knowledge, skill, and training to qualify to work in the clinical setting in hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities.
      • Prepare students to pass the licensure exam and work as qualified dietitians in different medical settings.
      • To equip students with key components of analytical, integrative, and critical-thinking skills in order to understand, interpret and conduct food and nutrition research.
      • Instill leadership and efficient management qualities in graduates

A four year program called Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (BSN), focusing primarily on the various aspects of food and nutrition in a clinical and public health environment. This will be a comprehensive interdisciplinary program that will blend basic sciences with food, nutrition and human health. The program in nutritional sciences will offer two major tracks: The Clinical Dietetic Track and the Public Health Nutrition Track.

Clinical Dietetic Track: Students who wish to pursue the field of nutritional sciences in a clinical setting, where their primary responsibility may be to recommend, plan and deliver the nutrition interventions and nutrition therapy to patients. In addition, these students may also be equipped to work and manage food service systems /organizations in health care faculties. Once they have completed their academic course work and a supervised dietetic internship, the students can apply for the registered dietitian (RD) credentials by the Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society after passing their registration exams. Those following this track will also be qualified to work in educational and research institutions and in private practice as consultants to individuals, corporations, medical care groups and long term care facilities.

Public Health Nutrition Track: Prepares students in the field of nutritional sciences with a focus on the promotion of good health through nutrition and the primary prevention of nutrition related illness at the population level. This program will also equip the students to work with the various national and international health related organizations to develop policies related to nutrition. This program will further train the graduates to develop ideas and identify practical solutions to public health problems at a national and regional level.